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Stir Fry Meat

Stir Fry-Meat

Stir Fry-Meat/Beef is a popular dish. It’s from the Britain cuisine. It contains beef steak, oyster Sauce, ginger knob, onion, and red pepper. The taste of this recipe is so delicious and too unique!

Here you are a simple way to do your own dish in Home; it’s easier than you think so all you need to do is following the next steps to do the roll. Buy All these ingredients, they are available at ZUMRA.COM add to your cart and Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories in Beef

The calories in your beef depend on what kind of beef you choose. A quarter of a pound of flank steak contains about 110 calories. A quarter of a pound of top sirloin contains 142 calories. A quarter of a pound of top round steak contains 118 calories. To stir fry the beef, you will need 1 tbsp. of oil, which weighs in at about 100 calories.

 Calories in Vegetables

Adding vegetables to the stir fry adds very few calories. For example, one medium green onion contains 20 calories. A quarter of a red bell pepper contains nine calories. A half of a medium carrot contains 13 calories. And a third of a cup of broccoli florets contains six calories.

Calories in Sauce

Your sauce might be a simple as a couple of tbsp. of oyster sauce, which contain 17 calories.



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